Why U.S. retail giants risk big chill north of the border

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Lessons Learned: Our series looks at major corporate, political and economic events of 2013 and what they taught us

TORONTO — Trader Joe’s would do well to stay out of Canada: it seems as though the more we love an international brand, the more likely we are to be disappointed when its Canadian iteration opens here.

Witness Target and J Crew. Though the retailers have vastly different store concepts and arrived north of the 49th parallel a year and a half apart, both U.S. chains faced a similar uproar from customers angry that despite a near-to-par dollar, the Canadian stores were not selling goods at the U.S. prices.

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“It is essential during the startup period to continue influencing price perception,” Target Canada president Tony Fisher told industry analysts in October after the retailer revealed its initial sales in this market had fallen well below initial expectations.


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